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Doorbell Installations

Doorbell installations can be what they used to be but they can also be very 21st century. The traditional doorbell has four components and can be pretty simple to install or to troubleshoot in an existing situation if the bell is not ringing.


There is always a transformer usually 120 volts primary power coming in and 12, 16 or 24 volts coming out. The transformer is usually in a mechanical room or the basement of a house. Once it is located which can be tricky sometimes it is a simple measure to check the voltage on the secondary side coming out of the transformer and going to the doorbell button and the chime.

Doorbell Button

The doorbell button, unlike the transformer, is easy to locate. It is a simple momentary contact switch. Momentary contact means that when you push the button and as long as you are pushing it two wires contact each other sending one half of the necessary voltage to the chime causing it to ring. The other half of the voltage goes straight from the transformer to the chime.

Low Voltage Wiring

The low voltage wiring will only be visible at the transformer, behind the doorbell button and behind the chime. If the necessary voltage is not present at the chime or the doorbell button this can be a real problem. This would mean that the wiring was damaged and would need to be replaced. Traditionally the wiring will be with 18 gauge two-wire cable. This is a very fine wire that is easily damaged. Although it is easily damaged it is unusual for this to happen. The wires are installed when the home is built and they are behind drywall and inside wall cavities where not much can happen. If someone accidentally cuts one they will need to be replaced. Depending on how far away physically this is from the transformer that could be a time-consuming task.

21st Century Doorbells

There are various new products on the market that allow people to not only hear the doorbell but to also see who is at the door and communicate with them. These doorbells also can be activated by a built-in motion sensor to notify the homeowner of unwanted visitors. The homeowner receives a notification to their smartphone, PC or watch.

Many of these doorbells are battery-powered. Some like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro use the existing doorbell wires but require a new transformer. The benefit to this is that the homeowner will never lose power to the doorbell due to a run-down battery.

These doorbells need to be synchronized with the homeowner’s PC, smartphone or watch.

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They do really excellent work.

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