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Knob & Tube Upgrades

Knob & Tube Upgrades Service Glenview

Current Electrical Contractors has performed countless successful whole house knob and tube upgrades in the north shore area.

What is Knob and Tube Wiring?

Knob and tube wiring is at least a 100-year-old method of wiring that you do not see used in homes built after 1950. It consists of porcelain knobs in which the wires are wrapped around and porcelain tubes to help prevent the wires from touching the wood frame of the house. The tubes are inserted in holes drilled into the wooden framing of the house allowing the electricity to run from room to room. The wires are usually insulated with a rubberized cloth fabric.

Why Do You Need a Knob and Tube Upgrade?

Knob and tube installations are outdated and can be very dangerous for many reasons.  The hot and neutral wires are run separately around the house and there is no protection for the wires other than the tubes. Even if the knob and tube installation is left alone and has remained in good condition, it is still not an eminently safe situation. The main difference between modern wiring and this type of wiring is there is no ground wire. The ground wire is the safety wire in a modern electrical installation that protects from the risk of shocks and fire. Also, in attics and basements that are not finished the insulation on the wires can become frayed again causing a dangerous fire hazard.

What to Expect During a Knob and Tube Upgrade

In order to upgrade a whole house and retire old knob and tube wiring, the homeowner needs to commit to serious damage being done to the walls and ceilings of their home. We must open up the walls at each switch, outlet, and light opening and run new conduits and wires to all locations in the house. As a result, you’ll also need a drywall or painting contractor to patch and re-paint the walls once we finish. Doing so will ensure that your home looks as good as new.  In addition, all knob and tube rewires are inspected by the local inspection authorities. This job is usually required when a new homeowner obtains an older home. Although this is a serious commitment by the homeowner, it must be done to ensure you and your family’s safety.

If you believe you may be in need of a knob and tube upgrade, contact Current Electrical Contractors today by calling 847.832.0700.

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