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Knob & Tube Upgrades

Knob & Tube Upgrades

  • Current Electric has performed a number of whole house knob and tube upgrades in the north shore area. Knob and tube wiring is at least a 100 year old method of wiring. It consists of porcelain knobs which the wires are wrapped around and porcelain tubes which are inserted in holes drilled in the wooden framing of the house which the electrical wires are run through. In a knob and tube installation the hot and neutral wires are run separately around the house. There is no protection for the wires other than the tubes. On a side note amazingly if the knob and tube installation is left alone it remains in Good condition. Even if it is in good condition it is not an eminently safe situation. There is no ground wire and the ground wire is the safety wire in an electrical installation. Also in attics and basements that are not finished the insulation on the wires can become frayed causing a shock and fire hazard.
  • In order a to do a whole house retire in a knob and tube situation she homeowner needs to commit to serious damage being done to the walls and ceilings of the house. We open up the walls at each switch, outlet and light opening and run new conduits and wires to all locations in the house. We usually work with a drywall or painting contractor who patches and paints as we finish an area. All knob and the rewires are inspected by the local inspection authorities. This is a serious commitment by the homeowner and almost always Happens when the home has a new owner.
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Professional, prompt, and easy to work with.  I highly recommend them!

It was a big job to get 240V from the house to the detached garage.  Current Electric did a beautiful job and was very easy to work with.  I highly recommend Current Electric.  I thought the price for their work was very reasonable too.

Great Company!  Great Service!


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