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Whether it’s with a general contractor or just directly contracted with a homeowner Current Electrical Contractors has been successfully doing renovations and retrofits for almost 30 years. It’s always helpful to have a drawing from a licensed architect but sometimes homeowners don’t want to go to that expense. Some of the different projects we have been involved in are

  • Add recessed lighting in rooms
  • Finish a basement
  • Remodel a Remodel a kitchen
  • Wire for a pool or hot tub
  • Add outlets and cable for wall hung televisions
  • Remodel a bathroom
  • Wire for an addition
  • Upgrade the electrical service
  • Wire for a car charger
  • Wire for and hang ceiling fans
  • Add closet lighting
  • Add under cabinet lighting in a kitchen
  • Change all the lighting in the house to LED

If there is no architect involved it’s very important that the homeowner and the contractors involved have a good understanding as to the scope of the project. We strive to make our proposals to the point and list everything we are going to include and not include. Some important questions to clarify before starting are

  • Is there a permit and inspections with the local municipality
  • Who is supplying light fixtures the homeowner or Current Electric
  • What type of devices are we using
  • What type of dimmers are we using
  • What is the start date and the schedule
  • How will the payments be made and when
  • If there are other trades involved how will we coordinate with them

Once the scope is clear and we have a down payment we will deal with the local inspecting authority and all permits if necessary. A certificate of insurance can be provided by our insurance company if that is requested.

The homeowner should be informed of any interruption to their normal daily routine that the remodeling can affect. If they are doing a kitchen do we need to set up a temporary kitchen maybe in the basement where there is water and a microwave or hot plate and refrigerator? If we are doing a bathroom do they have adequate facilities for the length of the project?

Often with a remodeling project unforeseen problems can crop up. Once the walls are opened up it’s not unusual to find serious code violations that need to be corrected. This would be out of the scope of the project and constitute an extra charge. Some code violations are not serious but if we feel that they are dangerous we will educate the homeowner and try to make them realize that the extra expense is absolutely necessary.

Once the scope is clear and the necessary permits are taken out it is just a matter of timing and coordination to get the project done.


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