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Regular Maintenance Programs

We have three situations where customers have us do regular maintenance for them.

1.) Customers with very large homes.

2.) Customers with backup generators

3.) Industrial customers

Customers With Large Homes

Some customers have very large homes that we set up a regular maintenance agreement with either quarterly or biannually. The services that we provide are as follows.

  • Many of these homes have over 200 recessed lights, multiple surfaces mounted light fixtures and landscape lighting. Changing these light bulbs when they burn out can be challenging even for a professional electrician and almost daunting for a not so handy homeowner. We arrange for a survey of the home and stockpile all of the various different types of light bulbs somewhere in the customer’s home. When our electrician shows up at the appointed date and time he goes through the entire home turning on every light bulb and changing any that are out. If there is something other than the bulb that is the problem such as bad socket, bad dimmer etc. he will repair that.
  • Some customers also have us clean out any bugs and wipe out fixtures that have glass.
  • Check the function of all GFCI outlets and replace any that are not functioning.
  • Check the function of any timers and photocells and reset timers for daylight savings time.

Customers With Back-Up Generators

Back up generators are like automobiles. They need regular maintenance. Once a year they should have a tune-up. What would be the point of having a backup generator if it couldn’t run when you needed it the most? We change the oil and oil filter, the air filter and spark plugs.

Industrial Customers

Some industrial customers realize how expensive it would be to have a power outage and have to stop production to get repairs made. They have us come out usually on an annual basis to visually and with a heat gun check panels, motors, motor starters, and disconnects. We can see where an electrical connection is beginning to overheat. Either the connection can be tightened or the mechanical parts or circuit breakers can be replaced.


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