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Electrical Maintenance

We have numerous customers that have us come by their house or condominium quarterly or biannually.

Electrical Maintenance Car Service Glenview

Most of those customers have large homes with very many different types of light fixtures inside and outside their home. They are usually not super handy and are uncomfortable with climbing ladders and doing the actual mechanical work of disassembling what needs to be disassembled and changing the light bulb. Most of these customers have us provide a stock of light bulbs that are needed in the house and keep them in their attic or basement so we have what we need when we get there. Some customers have us lightly clean dust and cobwebs from light fixtures also.

Depending on the size of the house and the ceiling heights these are scheduled for one or two electricians between 2 and 8 hours.

Other items that we service are.

  • Generator maintenance. (What is the point of having a generator if it doesn’t run when you need it?)
  • Snow melt cable systems.
  • Outdoor lighting systems. (These should be serviced every spring in the Chicagoland area as our winters can be brutal on outdoor light fixtures that are ground mounted or underground.)
  • Check working smoke detectors for function.
  • Check Ground Fault Circuit interrupters and Arc Fault circuit breakers for function.

For commercial customers we coordinate with Infrared Testing Services to take off all of the electrical panel covers in the facility and have Infrared Testing Services do a thorough thermal imaging test. They look for hot spots in the electrical panel that can point to problems that might crop up down the road. This allows us to pinpoint the problem and correct it before it leads to an actual emergency service call.

This is pretty much the extent of electrical maintenance. If a system is properly installed other than light bulbs, the occasional device (switch or outlet) failure, the occasional circuit breaker failure there are not that many moving parts that require regular maintenance.

Our Clients Reviews

I have been using Current Electric for years!  They consistently provide aboveboard service.  They are on time, polite, knowledgeable, respectful of my home and they do great work.  I would highly recommend Current Electric for all your electrical needs!

Just wanted to let you know that Eric – young guy – from current came to my apt yesterday. nice experience. Don was very helpful & Eric was very good and had good attitude.  I think he did in 3 hrs what jp’s electrician did in 8 hrs. Thanks for recommending – would definitely use again!  xx

It was a big job to get 240V from the house to the detached garage.  Current Electric did a beautiful job and was very easy to work with.  I highly recommend Current Electric.  I thought the price for their work was very reasonable too.


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