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Recessed Lighting Installation in Glenview, IL

Recessed Ceiling Lights in Glenview

Recessed lighting is a light fixture installed directly inside a ceiling, wall, or floor. It’s one of the easiest and most efficient ways to enhance lighting in a room. Recessed lighting is great for small spaces, low ceilings, or anywhere in your home that could use more illumination.

Installation is quick, and the electricians at Current Electrical Contractors are here to help. We understand the complexity of lighting installation. We always strive to provide our customers with exceptional service. If you need recessed lighting in Glenview, call us today at 847) 832-0700 to schedule an appointment!

Choosing Light Placement

We place the lights between ceiling joists when we install recessed lighting in a new building. However, we can retrofit recessed lighting in any home space. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the best placement for your lighting needs.

  • Place recessed lights at least three feet away from your walls to create depth and avoid unnecessary shadows.
  • Evenly space out the recessed lights to prevent overcrowding.
  • Recessed lighting can draw the eye to focal points like bookshelves, wall decor, fireplaces, and kitchen bars.
  • If you plan to use your recessed lighting for daily tasks, like reading or cooking, we can install the lights directly above where you sit or stand.
  • Place recessed lighting under cabinets to illuminate counters.
  • Do not place recessed lighting in concrete ceilings or anywhere with intricate moldings or plasterwork.
  • Recessed Lighting Styles

    Recessed lights come in various shapes, sizes, and trim colors. There are also many different bulb options to suit the needs of your home. Our electricians would be happy to help you decide which recessed lighting fixture in Glenview best suits the structure of your home.

    Trim Options

    The trim of a recessed light refers to the outer edge of the light visible on your ceiling. Here are some of the most popular trim options we recommend:

    • Baffle Trim: Baffle trim reduces glare and creates a soft, illuminating glow.
    • Gimbal Trim: Gimbal trim is unique because it directs light at an angle. They often provide accent lighting for a room.
    • Wall Wash Trim: Wall wash trims offer exceptional accent lighting, perfect for highlighting photographs, artwork, or wall-mounted decor.
    • Reflector Trim: Reflector trims are metal fixtures that increase illumination in the room. This trim is best suited for tall ceilings or large spaces.
    • Shower Trim: A shower trim is your best choice for any room with a lot of moisture, like the bathroom. As the name suggests, it’s a popular choice for above-the-tub lighting.

    Fixture Size

    Fixture size depends on what you’re using the lights for and how wide of a light wash you need.

    • Four and Five-inch lights are best for direct, overhead lighting or task lighting in kitchens, living rooms, and reading nooks.
    • Six-inch lights are the most popular recessed lighting size. It is the most common size for most rooms and purposes.
    • Seven, Eight, and Nine-inch lights are perfect for open spaces that require a broader wash of light.

    Color & Temperature

    The lighting temperature you choose for your home will have just as much of an impact as the size and style of the fixture itself. Here are the three most common lighting temperatures.

    • Soft White: Soft white bulbs create a warm, inviting appearance.
    • Bright White: Bright white bulbs provide a calm, neutral appearance.
    • Daylight: Daylight bulbs replicate the appearance of natural sunlight.

    Energy-Efficient Options

    Traditional recessed lights are already energy efficient, yet our LED recessed ceiling lights in Glenview provide additional energy savings. LED bulbs last for many years, reducing the need for frequent replacement. At Current Electrical Contractors, we use two eco-friendly lighting options: integrated LED bulbs and LED retrofits.

    Integrated LED

    Integrated LEDs are bulbs built directly into the lighting fixture. Integrating LED bulbs requires professional installation for new construction projects.

    LED Retrofits

    You can add LED bulbs to existing recessed lighting in your home. We’re happy to work with you on installing LED lights to any current fixtures for greater energy efficiency and cost savings.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our team at Current Electrical Contractors has over 30 years of experience installing recessed lighting for new construction and retrofit situations.

    If you’re new to recessed lighting, we can carefully inspect your home to ensure the lights fit well with a beautiful appearance. As with all of our retrofit projects, we carefully plan our installation so we can remove as little of your drywall as possible.

    After we install the fixture, we properly connect all wiring so the lights turn on as they should. Plus, our electricians clean up your space for a spotless finish.

    Contact Our Team

    If you’re looking for high-quality recessed lighting in Glenview, trust the experts at Current Electrical Contractors. Call us today at (847) 832-0700 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our recessed lighting options. We’re always happy to answer your questions or concerns to ensure the best residential lighting solutions for your home.



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