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Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet LED Lighting Glenview, IL

Under cabinet lighting is a great upgrade to most kitchens. It has gone through many changes over the last 30 years. From Fluorescent fixtures to Halogen strip lights to Halogen puck lights and now LED strip lights and puck lights.

When the change was made from Fluorescent to Halogen there were a lot of problems as the Halogen loads drew way more amperage than the fluorescent. Now with the move to LED that is no longer an issue. The LED fixtures draw much less power than either Fluorescent or Halogen.

There are basically three types of LED strip lights these days.

  • A light fixture that looks similar to the old enclosed fluorescent or halogen fixtures that can easily replace existing fixtures. Juno makes a product that is the exact same size as the halogen fixtures they sold for years and those can easily be switched out.
    These can also be remodeled relatively easily depending on the backsplash. If the backsplash is tile or some surface that can be cut an outlet above the counter top can be changed out to a switch and an outlet and the power can be fished from the new switch location to the new fixture.
  • LED strip lights in an extrusion with a cover that are much sleeker but a little more work to install. The strip lights can only be an inch or less in depth and width with an LED tape installed in them. Unfortunately the “driver” the device that transforms the 120 volt power to 24 volts needs to be located somewhere and the high and low voltage wires need to be installed and terminated. This is simple enough in a new construction situation but makes a remodel more problematic.
  • LED puck lights are a third type of fixture. They can easily replace existing halogen puck lights. Most puck light manufacturers make a direct replacement. The old wiring can be used and the halogen transformer can be replaced with a new LED driver. The old wires are almost always large enough to handle the new lighter LED load.

We are happy to give estimates for any new or remodel situation to add LED under cabinet lighting. You’ll love the ambiance of under cabinet lighting if you don’t have it now. If you do change from fluorescent or halogen to LED you will have to take in to consideration the dimmer if you have one. The correct dimmers must be paired up with the correct LED load or there will be a strobing effect when the load is dimmed. This can also damage the LED driver.



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