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Residential Customers

From hanging a light fixture, adding a dimmer or outlet to high-end residential projects, we handle it all!

Hanging Light Fixture

Residential Customers

We have many types of residential customers that are our customers looking for expert service for a myriad of situations.

1. Troubleshooting of short or overloaded circuits.
2. Remodeling situations where we give an estimate for the following

  • New recessed lighting
  • Upgraded eco-friendly light bulbs throughout the house
  • New wiring for a remodeled kitchen or bath
  • New electric car charger installation
  • Add a circuit for a new appliance
  • Remodeled basement
  • New upgraded electrical service
  • Wire for an addition
  • Add outdoor lighting for security or for an outdoor basketball court, tennis court or swimming pool
  • Add wiring for a new outdoor swimming pool or hot tub
  • Add wiring for a new outdoor kitchen
  • Rewire an existing outdated outdoor lighting design for a townhome association

3. Troubleshoot and repair electric floor heat
4. Troubleshoot and repair electric ceiling heat
5. Troubleshoot and repair electric snowmelt systems in gutters, downspouts or sidewalks and driveways

Our residential customers can live in single-family homes, attached townhomes and multi-family buildings such as duplexes or small complexes or high rises. Many of our customers are repeat customers. Some we have been working with for almost 29 years.

We do not offer 24-hour emergency service but our service department knows our best customers and we make every effort to change the schedule to help them out in an emergency situation.


Our Clients Reviews

Excellent! Called very promptly, set appointment for next day, showed up on time, very polite/professional, confident, and patient/friendly to my 3-yr old son. He made the work look easy in one visit when a prior electrician made it sound like the projects were complicated and required a 2nd visit.

Got the job done in an efficient amount of time.  Friendly and productive during the time he was here.

Just wanted to let you know that Eric – young guy – from current came to my apt yesterday. nice experience. Don was very helpful & Eric was very good and had good attitude.  I think he did in 3 hrs what jp’s electrician did in 8 hrs. Thanks for recommending – would definitely use again!  xx


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