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Going Green In Your Home

Published on June 1st, 2020

Everyone plays an important role in keeping the environment safe and clean. If you want to help keep our planet healthy, follow these eco-friendly tips from our electricians in Highland Park.

Going Green In Your Home

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programable thermostat is an energy-efficient tool that allows you to cut down on your energy bill, while keeping your home cool. Use a programable thermostat to raise or lower your air temperature a few degrees depending on your schedule. Keep it comfortably cool while you’re at home and bring the temperature up a few degrees while you’re away at work. Having your local electrician install a programable thermostat, can cut your electricity usage drastically over the year!

Use Green Lighting Options

The lighting industry has changed drastically in the last twenty years and now has more eco-friendly lighting options than ever before. LED lightbulbs turn 95% of the energy they emit into light and only 5% of energy is wasted in heat. This makes them 80% more efficient than traditional lighting options. Contact your local electrician near Highland Park to make the lighting switch!

Switch To An Electric Car

Switching from a traditional gas vehicle to an electric car helps reduce dangerous emissions that contribute to climate change, ecological damage and public health. They are made without an exhaust system, which means they emit zero emissions! Contact Current Electrical Contractors to get an electric car charger installed in your home.

Help make a difference by going green in your home! If you need any more tips on how to do your part in saving the environment, contact Current Electrical Contractors today!

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