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Electrical Service Calls

Electrical Service Calls Van

At Current Electrical Contractors, we understand the frustration of electrical mishaps and always strive to complete our service calls in an efficient and timely matter.

Assessing the Urgency

The first thing our electricians near Highland Park will do after receiving a call is to determine the urgency of the service. Our electricians are busy with previously scheduled work but to maintain our customers’ safety. If the service call is not an emergency we will ask the customer to wait for the next available time. If it is an emergency we will do everything in our power to solve your problem ASAP.

Power Outages

If the power of a home or a business is completely out, our electrician near Highland Park will always recommend the customer contacts Commonwealth Edison or Winnetka Water and Electric. Unfortunately, if the power outage is at fault of an electricity provider we cannot help. We are happy to verify whether or not the outage is a provider issue but will charge for our electrician’s time.

In the case of a partial power outage, our electricians near Highland Park recommend you first check the electrical panel to see if a circuit breaker is tripped and can be reset. All circuit breakers have three positions On, Off and Tripped. The circuit breaker needs to be switched from tripped to off before it is reset. We encourage you to check before calling otherwise we will charge for our electrician to come out and reset the breaker. If there is a legitimate reason for the circuit breaker to be tripped, you should have an electrician come out and see what the problem is.

Common Causes of an Overloaded Circuit

  • Too many appliances on a kitchen small appliance circuit. (Did you just move the coffee maker or microwave to another location in the kitchen? Are you running the blender and the toaster at the same time?)
  • In heating season portable electric heaters are a common overload situation. Each heater usually consumes 12.5 amps. 12.5 amps are 83% of standard bedroom circuit. If another appliance is on that circuit there is a good chance the breaker will trip. Electric hair dryers are another common overloading appliance.
  • A legitimate short circuit. A short circuit can happen when the hot wire touches the neutral wire, the ground wire or any metal part of the light fixture.
  • An open circuit. An open circuit occurs when either the hot or neutral wire is no longer connected at some point in the circuit. This can occur when a splice or wire terminal becomes overheated to the point where it can no longer carry current or is somehow physically disconnected. This can be a tricky and time-consuming service call because the electrician has to troubleshoot the circuit.

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I have met many of the Current Electric team and I have always been impressed. I have used them myself, I have referred them and each and every time they are fast and very professional.

Has very good work ethic and very professional.

Great Company!  Great Service!


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